Best Screw for Hardwood Best Guide


Hardwoods are, in general, more durable and dense than soft timbers. Although not all hardwoods are not harder than softwoods, the main differences between them depend on their botanical origins. And for household items made of hardwood, including home flooring, one of the concerns that can affect the overall quality of work is the material used to attach a piece of hardwood to another similar material, or with a material of a completely different. Using the best screw for hardwood is a great option for a DIY hardwood project.
Many homeowners prefer hard timber furniture, wood panelling or floors since the majority of these wooden items are fairly dense, which means if they are maintained properly they last a long time. They are also more resistant to dents and scratch.
Hardwoods are also a better option for making really strong woodwork joints like mortise and tenon joint because of their dense quality.

Screws for Hardwoods

The type of wood that you use or choose for a furniture or any other woodworks is not the only thing that matters in making sure that your wooden masterpiece will have a quality finish that will last long or will be easy to maintain. And one of the things that you will have to consider when working with dense wood is the right fastener, including the best screws for dense woods.

If you have ever been to the screws and other fasteners’ section of a hardware center or a home center, it will be a bit challenging to find the right screw to pick, especially if it is your first time to visit the store or to do a woodworking project.

You may only need a few pieces of screws, but with the number of choices you will see placed in their respective boxes, you may find looking for the right fastener quite intimidating and confusing at the same time.

Types of Screws

There are many different types of screws available in the market today, and some of the most common of them are as follows:

  • Premium multi-purpose screw.

This includes brands such as Spax, GRK or Hillman. As the term implies, this type of screw can be used to fasten various materials, including hardwood.

  • 2 Opt for flat-headed screws as they are best for countersinking.

Flat screws are designed with an angle under the head that makes them easy to fit in countersunk holes.

  • 3. Star or square drives

.Though Star drives can handle more torque than Square Drives and are more resistant to ‘camming’.They do make drivers last longer. But on a higher torque capacity, Star heads are, generally, in better condition once the screw is set. This makes removal of the screw easier if ever needed.